Alumni Profile: Amanda Cody (’09)


Assistant Director of Communications for Portsmouth Abbey School

Profile by Jessica Henderson

Present Day Amanda

Amanda Cody graduated from Pace University with an English Degree in 2009 and moved on to grad school while still moving forward in her professional life. By learning to apply the writing and critical thinking skills she developed in school, Amanda began to pave her career path as a Marketing Communications Manager for the Sports Foundation at Brown University.

At Brown, she continued to apply her knowledge by communicating  with coaches, parents, and alumni; writing direct mail pieces; and featuring student athletes on the Brown University Athletics website.

Even today, in her brand-new job as the Assistant Director of Communications for Portsmouth Abbey School, she continues to apply the skills she learned at Pace and the ones she gained while working at Brown.

Discovering Her Major

Although Amanda was always interested in the humanities, it first led her to Pace as a double major in History and Political Science. The idea was short-lived and eventually led her to consider Education, where she realized that English would be the subject she would most want to teach. Yet again, she felt like Education was not for her and finally committed to becoming an English major.

Despite her love for reading and desire to pursue in the arts, she faced several concerns and discouragements from those close to her for choosing to major in English. They felt that English wouldn’t lead her to a successful, well-paying job. That English is only beneficial as a minor because other skills are more important than knowing how to write.

Amanda continued her journey in English, though, reflecting on the achievements of her professors at Pace had and discovering the wide range of opportunities that English majors are exposed to.

Branching Out and Growing Connections

What initially attracted Amanda to Pace University was the small classroom sizes, for she knew that she wouldn’t be able to sit in a lecture hall and simply copy notes. And although she wasn’t an involved student at first, the size of the classes forced her to interact with her peers and professors.

Little did she know at the time that her experience at Pace would leave her with connections with people that will last a lifetime. The relationships that she formed with her professors helped her with early drafts of her short story and led her to achieve her greatest accomplishment of publishing a book shortly after she graduated.

Even today, she is still in contact with her closest professors and considers them her friends that she can go to for advice.

College Experience: There’s More to It than You Think

Amanda came into college with the mindset that she was only supposed to engage in the things she was supposed to do and what was expected of her.

She quickly realized that college is more than that, though. It is a time to figure out what it is you want to do and a chance to find yourself.

If there is one thing that Amanda learned during her time at college that is more important than the others, it would be to branch out and expose yourself to new things, whether it is within your major or not. Even if you don’t think you will like it, according to Amanda, those are the moments that you will most likely learn the most from and help you with your career path.

Today, she continues to follow these motifs by staying active with her new dog after long hours at work. And now with her new job opportunity and short story project underway, she hopes to buy a house, settle down in Rhode Island, and see where her career takes her.


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Thanks to:

Amanda Cody, BA in English Literature, Pace University, 2009
Assistant Director of Communications for Portsmouth Abbey School

Beth Gordon, BA in Literature, Binghamton University
Associate Vice President for ITS, Pace University

Kathryn Bohan Hurd, BA in Literature and Communications, Pace University, 2001
Senior Instructional Designer at SUNY New Paltz’s Teaching & Learning Center

Gianna Sandri Antolos, BA in English and Writing, Pace University, 2009
Penguin Random House freelancer, marketing and web writing