Writing Center Research at Pace

This past weekend, the annual convention of the Northeast Writing Centers Association was held at Pace University in Pleasantville thanks to Dr. Robert Mundy of Pace’s English Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.17.24 PMDepartment, along with a whole team of folks who worked hard to make the event successful.

Writing centers are prime sites of writing, research, conversation, critical thinking, learning, debate, collaboration, and laughter. The conference weekend mirrored these activities with high energy from scholars of all ages.

Mr. Michael Turner, Writing Center Coordinator, and Dr. Rob Mundy worked on research projects with three undergraduate consultants from Pace’s Writing Center. Undergraduate writing consultant Gisele Cole researched the nuances of required writing center visits in her presentation: “Not Just About the Horses: Faculty and Student Perceptions of Required Tutoring.”

Undergraduate writing consultants Alexandra Franciosa and Alexa Blanco worked with Michael Turner and Rob Mundy in an investigation of the role of the writing center for nontraditional female students negotiating a time of change. Their well-received presentation was titled “Neither This Nor That: Non-traditional Female Students’ Views on Identity and Writing While in Transition.”

Kudos to these student scholars and to all who participated in the conference.

Get a better sense of the high-energy conference happenings via the Storify slideshow of highlighted tweets!


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