Poem <3

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.26.19 PMToday my LIT 132 Intro to Literary Studies class wrote a collaborative poem as a way of coping with our stress. I think it worked! Hope you enjoy it, too!


April is the cruelest month
Like wet socks on the beach.
My summer plans like work and stuff
Family health
An elephant. Big and loud and can crush you with one stomp.
Final exam review review review
Two tests that basically determine my final grade grade grade
My boyfriend is making my head spin
And not in a good way (from the woman with the concussion)
Gum on the bottom of the desk.
Volleyball just volleyball every aspect of it (we could write a whole poem about it)
An ant, small, with so many big things happening.
Time managing—familyfriendsandschool
Reading this stresses us OUT!!!!
My calc exam tonight (I’ve only been to my calc class like 5X this semester….)
I don’t have enough housing points ‘cause I’m a transfer
Getting to and from school every day. The crutches don’t help.
RA deadlines bulletin boards door decs meeting with all our residents
A tunnel that gets narrower and narrower.
My email inbox overflowing
Like Chinatown during rush hour.

Take this poem of stress
Rip it shred it crumple the pieces
Toss them in the recycle bin
They will transform
Come back
As a blank page
Full of possibility


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