Student Research? Yes, Please.

Every year, the Society of Fellows of Dyson College holds a a research conference. This year, it was held on Saturday, March 4, on Pace University’s New York City campus.

Dr. Bette Kirschstein said the day was “terrific,” and she was especially impressed with “Taylor Longenberger’s presentation on her work with Chemistry professor Joe Krumpfer on silicone paints.” Dr. Kirschstein said Taylor “presented a ground-breaking scientific and artistic development” with poise and confidence.


Ms. Taylor Longenberger with Dr. Joseph Krumpfer

Other notable parts of the day included a presentation on Toni Morrison’s Beloved by Sania Azhar and a student/faculty panel led by Dr. Robert Mundy of the English Department and Dr. Michael Finewood of Environmental Studies and Science. This latter panel considered identity, place, and the environment, with students presenting on ideas such as ecocomposition and green gentrification.

Some of these finer moments were shared on the twittersphere.



Hope to see you at next year’s meeting, and remember to consider participating in the weekend seminar as well, coming in fall 2017!




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